Ideal Wi-Fi Mall

So you want to build a mall and cause heavier traffic in intersections. Great! But today is the Information Era, and no mall is complete without "free" connectivity to the internet. You want your customers to stay as long as possible, to maximize the potential of profit.

What did you say? It's easy? Just add a fuckton of Wi-Fi access points at every place and corner? Oh.


You're going to face a lot of complaints from your customers about your Wi-Fi being too slow, connections being terminated unexpectedly... It's gonna be hell. Not only will your customers suffer, but you will too. Your investment to access points will go to waste with that attitude.

What you need is careful planning. How much planning you need depends on how much APs you will add, so the more APs, the more planning is needed. Keep these questions in mind:

If you can answer all these, then congratulations, you can consider your Wi-Fi mall as perfect. Yay. But how can we achieve it? Here are my thoughts:

Good luck with your Wi-Fi mall, capitalist.

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