Instances of Facebook defending Philippine fascism

I'm tired of Facebook not taking down content that are obviously against their Community Standards. If they don't want to enforce their standards on those fascists, why bother writing those standards in the first place?

Here is a list of every post and comment reported to Facebook since that haven't been taken down, despite obviously violating their so-called Community Standards. All times are in UTC+8 or Philippine Standard Time. If you reported some fascist posts and comments and Facebook rejected your report twice, please do let me know by emailing me. Use the format as can be seen below. Include the reason why it go against Facebook's rules (like advocating for the murder of leftists), the time you first reported the content, the time Facebook responded, the time you requested a review, and the time the review got rejected by Facebook with finality.

It's time that we hold Facebook accountable for their apologia for Philippine fascism, which has killed many innocent lives.

SARA Duterte for President Movement

For the Global Public

Probably the most rabid anti-communist fascist page I've ever seen. Most of their posts are harassing the Makabayan bloc and other progressives, by branding them as "legal fronts" of the Communist Party of the Philippines, which is obviously false. These posts are still not yet taken down.

Anti-Communist Philippines

The Right Luzonian

Apparently created to harass and red-tag the meme groups of Malacanang Memes, of which I'm part of.