The coronavirus had caught us all by surprise
We thought that by our faith in Jesus Christ
The virus wouldn’t affect so many lives
But here we are, like a dog being bitten by lice
A lice that doesn’t care about our cries

The plague revealed our wrongs
The heart of the state, the hierarchy, turned out to be cold
Capitalism is a parasite that limits the masses’ growth
We had become slaves to this system that is old
It is now that this injustice shall be overthrown by our yoke.

But before that, there’s a priority task that needs to be done
Billions of people, this code had slapped into the gone
As rational beings, we must stay inside our house
Not only for safety, but as solidarity to our fallen loved ones
For when we finally win this fight, from the ashes of yesterday we will rebuild into something we all love.

More praise to the scientists’ genius works
More power to those in construction work
Give thanks to those who risk their lives as a nurse
Salute to the medical doctors who lead this effort
And most importantly, let us not forget to pray to Jesus Christ our Lord.